New member in Nightfear.

It's an honour for us to announce that Victor Durán (Khael, Lords of Black) is joining Nightfear as a full member. We are really eager to start playing live with our new mate next april 1, in Badajoz. As we always say when a new member joins the band, we hope this will be a long and fruitful relationship. Welcome Víctor!

Victor Blanco leaves Nightfear

We regret to say that Victor Blanco is no longer part of Nightfear. It has been a peaceful and friendly separation and we wish him all the best for his future projects. Anyway, the band goes on with its compromises and nothing changes at all. We will announce a replacement soon. Stay tuned for more news in the following days!

Drums of War out now!

The day has come!

Drums of War is available right now! Although we are working to increase the points of sale, you can purchase a physical copy of our brand new album today, you just have to click in our discography section, pay using Paypal and we will send it to your home
In the other hand, the album is available in all the main digital distribution platforms. Here you have a list of platforms where you can buy it:

Google Music
Amazon Digital Services Inc.
Xbox Music
YouTube Art Tracks
Mondia Media
Telecom Italia S.p.A
BMAT Licensing, S.L.
Audible Magic
InternetQ SA dba Akazoo
Library Ideas / Freegal
Neurotic Media
Simfy Africa
Zed Russia


Drums of War out November 12th!

We are very proud to announce that Drums of War will be out next Thursday November 12th in physical CD format, as well as in the main digital distribution platforms. We are working on increase the pionts of sale to buy the album but in the beginning it will be available through our web site and in the live shows of the band.


Nightfear - Drums of War

Here you have the cover artwork for our next album, Drums of War.

Te album has been recorded in “La Casa del Ruido” by Daniel Blanco, except drums that has been recorded by Andy C in Sonora Studio. The mixing and masterering of the album, has been made by Max Morton in Morton Studio (Ukraine).

The album counts on the following guest musicians:
Max Morton - guest singer in Rebellion.
Sandra Merino - guest singer in Rebellion.
Diego Rausell - Piano in Thus End.

Here we bring you also a new lyric video of the opening song, Path of Victory, as a preview.

Crowdfunding: Drums of War

Dear Friends!

As you know, Nightfear is involved in a new project, the recording of our new album, wich is called Drums of War. It's a conceptual album that continues the history opened in the song Pride, form our first album, Inception.

To accomplish such a big venture we need your help, and we say it as it sounds, from the heart. We want to make the best album and we want to offer to all the people out there interested in the band a product as good as possible. That's why we've created this campaign to finance all the recording and manufacturing proccess of the album. The only thing that we ask tou you is that, if you are interested in the album, if you think thay you are going to buy it in the future, do it now! if so, you will get exclusive items that will be revealed during the campaign. This items will be impossible to find anywhere apart from this campaing.

We're really excited with this album, we really think that it's something big, and we want ensure the highest possible quality. This is the only reason to make this.

Before finnishing, we want to thanks all of you in advance for all the support and wer want to send a big thank you to all the people who support the metal scene the only way it's meant to be done, supporting the new bands.

For more information and to contribute, please, follow this link:



Nightfear second album!

Nightfear begins the recordings for its second studio album!
It will be entitled Drums of War, and it's a conceptual album that continues the history opened in the song Pride, from the first album, Inception, where mankind, decimated because of war, have been slaved by other planet race and fights for its freedom.

This is the track list:

1. Path of Victory
2. The prophecy
3. Sands of Fire
4. The Duel
5. Breakout
6. Farewell
7. Miracle
8. The Wrath of the Gods
9. Black Rose
10. Drums of War
11. Triumph of the Fallen pt I (The Assault)
12. Triumph of the Fallen pt II (Rebellion)
13. Triumph of the Fallen pt III (Thus End)

More news soon!