Next Soulitude album - May 3rd

What is Soulitude? Soulitude is a side project of Jevo, guitarrist of Valhalla and El Reno Renardo. The idea is to make something different, including some synths and gutural vocals mixed with more classic stuff, including a little touch of thrash metal and some power metal feeling.
This is a one-man band, with some guest singers, but if you want to know something more about it, you better visit the official web page, where you can download the previous two albums for free.
Loren, NightFear's singer, participates in this project as one of the lead singers of the album.
Here you are the preview video where you can hear some samples and see some artworks.
We hope you like it.

The album will hit internet in May 3rd for free, check it in



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